Paid in full through Jesus Amen


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Tekst, muziek, arrangement: Rodney Griffin, Lari Goss
Copyrights/Uitgevers etc.: Songs of Greater Vision, Unisong Music Publishers bv
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This world cannot accuse me of sin
It?s paid in full through Jesus Amen
I?m a child of God. I?m the next of kin
To the One Who?s glory fills me within
I?m still amazed at what the Lord can do
How His touch of grace is gonna take me through
To a place of joy that?ll have no end
Made possible for the born again
And it?s paid in full through Jesus Amen

There was a woman who met with Jesus
At a well in the heat of day
She found the Water, but left her bucket
To go and tell she?d found the Way
I?m sure the scoffers must have gathered
Ones who?d known her life before
And when they told her, ?Your still a sinner?
I know she shouted out the door she said:


Just like the woman, I needed Jesus
To come cleanse this heart of mine
My sinful choices had separated
Me from Holiness Divine
So when the doubters came and wondered
If this change in me would last
I boldly told them, ?I?ve been to Calvary?
?And all my sin is in the past?

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